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Zehaal image
Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc
Gender Male.
Age +1000
Height N/A
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Element Silver
Class God/DoomWing
Weapon N/A
Voice Actor
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Zehaal was the God of the Luminous Church, and he created humans. However, he was consuming bits of the Planet, so the Planet created the Witches to fight him. Witches and Dragons teamed up to defeat Zehaal and shatter his soul, sealing him away for one thousand years.


Zehaal is the final boss. He creates the angel-like being Priel to do his bidding while he attempts to return to the world. Later, he inhabits the body of the Grand Cardinal Johannes in an attempt to devour the world. Throughout the game, Zehaal manipulates humans in the Luminous Church to help him achieve his goal. Although he ultimately fails, Zehaal gets dangerously close to destroying the entire planet.


Flash DrivesEdit

God formEdit

Level Flash Drive Description Target (s) FP cost
Learned Godscales Magic dust blow from wings harms foes (Effect: Speed down) 1
Learned Flash Bolt Bolts of pure magical energy (Effect: Attack down) 2
Learned Heaven Rite A vortex of power swallows foes (Effect: Tech down) 3

DoomWing formEdit


This battle with God and the 6 Priel look-a-like is a joke :P all you  need
to remember is to:

01. Heal, heal, heal (Mel's "Salvation" is awesome).
02. Quickly go over to the right or left. Don't spilt everyone up.
03. Leon = Charge or Atk UP + HoundClaw.

Here  is  what  I  did, with Cecille equipped with "Ribbon" she will not be
charmed so she  is  my  primary healer with Mel assisting her send everyone
either  to  the  right or left, the Priels will definitely attack you, they
have  two  types: "Lightwave"  and  "Charm" the latter will of course cause
havoc, if anyone is affected use "Fresh Air" right away!

If you've Vanessa with you or anyone with "Atk UP" use it on Leon and Heath
if  you've  Heath use "Protector" on both himself and Leon, likewise anyone
with  "Guard  UP" can help chip in, Cecille's should cast "Magic UP" on the

Also  speaking  of  Cecille, you can abuse her "Culling" spell to make this
fight  even more easier,  but  it's  up  to you, your level must exceed the
victim's though otherwise you'll get 0% hit rate.

Leon  can  deliver damage with his  "HoundClaw"  the Priels will succumb to
it  do  not  attack  Zehaal  as  he  has some form of shield on him, making
your  attack  useless,  instead   save   up Leon's  FDs  till  the last and
unleash  it on Zehaal, you may want to deplete his life a little with Magic
attacks first.

good luck:) from Meredie龙