Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3 (Chapter 25)
Gender Female
Age unknown
Height unknown
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Element Nature
Class Antheia/Telos of Nature
Weapon Roots and Petals
Voice Actor
Kitanishi Junko(北西 純子)
Voice Actor
Yorg is the queen of Demon Realm, leader of Nefiria whose body is Sphinx-like diety. She was responsible for giving Anogia the power of Siegfied.


Yorg standstill in one place and will not move at all which is to your advantage, but she has several tricks up her sleeve. She can use Judgement Sword of Emperor Tree which deals massive earth damage for 13 panels which is very dangerous attack along with her FD Eternal Hollow. Not to mention the poison panel either.

Elulu and Lyla can easily run over the red river (no poison) so healing is not a problem. Since the queen's element is earth, using Wind (Dino and Sion) and Light (Inaluna and Anogia) is the best way to defeat her. Just beware of her attack and keep HP up and you'll be fine.


Level Skill Description Target (s) MP cost Area Effect
Learned Attack Invisible Strike!(Poison) 1-4 0 1
Learned Wood Whip Root Bind! 1-4 14 1
Learned Yggdra Form Tree Emperor's Justice! 1-13 96 13



Yggdra Form

Flash DriveEdit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Eternal Hollow 1-13 1
Luminous Arc 3 Yorg's FD Eternal Hollow (English Text)

Luminous Arc 3 Yorg's FD Eternal Hollow (English Text)



Yorg resemble a female sphinx in Oedipius's Mythology.


  • Is death that terrible?
  • Why do people refuse to die?
  • Little while ago, woman
  • Then I will show you a proof, with your life!