• The definition of a dodecahedron is a twelve-sided shape.
  • If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?
  • Charles Darwin threw ‘’The Origin of Species’’ into a drawer to gather dust for a decade while he wrote an extensive treatise on barnacles.
  • Giratina is the last Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex

In other news, I am Lord Livgon, just in case you forgot. I really like [| Penelo] and I am a diminutive twelve year old. Oh wait. That’s [| Lord Larsa]. I mean I really like Althea even though Fatima is hotter. Anyway…

Celebration CityEdit

The first part of this game is purely background – enjoy it if you want on Auto mode, or Skip it. Basically, there’s a party in town tonight, and Sir Gaston over there is in charge. Being a powerful knight in heavy armor, Gaston is busy ordering his poor subordinates to cry their hearts out. Amazing – The Badass Detatchment of Weeping Knights. Maybe they can drown the enemy in a pool of tears.

Soon, the focus shifts to our main character, Roland. He is in training with his ‘brother’ Rasche as well as the archer Rina. Character Box time!


Playable Character: Roland (Rune Knight)
Roland image1
Primary Use: Offensive Melee

Weapons: Swords

Special Ability: Engage

Roland is the hero of our story. At the start of the game, he is transformed from knight-in-training to a kickass Rune Knight. Later, in the game, he will undergo another class transformation (Yeah! Extra Character Box! I love these things) to......nah, spoiler.

Roland, as the main character, is representative of you in-game. Depending on your choices through the game, you can choose which of two hot gals he falls in love with. This will influence the CG art you see at the end of the game, the endgame dialogue as well as some other stuff. Overall, Roland is a much better hero than Alph. Alph's story is that he' sucked into conflict because its his destiny. Here, Roland is a reluctant hero, but an awesome hero all the same.

In battle, you'll have to use him most of the time, so get used to it. He's a great frontline fighter, good for the early stages, however later magic can just outclass melee attacks. His Engage skills add an elemental effect to his attacks, raise a specific stat as well as enable his Flash Drives, the Limit Breaks of Luminous Arc (super-powered attacks that must be charged as battle proceeds to be utilized). However, the Engage of a specific element can only be used if that Element's witch is participating in battle, and she has already been Engaged to him (think that's sexist? Wait till we get to after his class upgrade.)

Storyline Mission 1: Alfa Romeo in TrainingEdit

  • Objective: Lower Rasche's HP
  • Lose Condition: Roland is defeated

Difficulty: Easy

Compulsory CharactersEdit

  • Roland

Other CharactersEdit



  • Rasche

A basic tutorial battle. Although Roland is only Lv 1 (slacker) while Rasche is already Lv 2, you just have to reduce Rasche's HP to about half to win. Stay out of Rasche's range - remember he can attack two squares away because he has a spear. When Rasche moves into your range, attack to get the first strike. You can use your special skill to test it out (or not) - it doesn't make a difference here 'cos it only deals a negligible amount of extra damage (it's meant to provide 100% accuracy if your opponent has high evade).

The only way to lose this battle is to actually make a conscious choice to do so. However, the aim of playing any game is to win, not to lose (Unless of course you're some weird bored freak who has nothing better to do and refuses to get a life), so please win. If you're actually incompetent enough to lose without trying, make a crown that says "I was an Italian Tank Corps commander during WWII". Then, wearing it, go to MENSA and get your IQ tested. I betcha they'll take five minutes to come up with the answer. Hell, even I can do it. The answer is of course, five - if you actually did all that.

Fireworks Spark - In more places than one!Edit

Defeat Rasche to get him to join your party.

Playable Character: Rasche

[[File:|150px|left]] Primary Use: Power Hitter

Weapons: Spears

Special Ability:


The scene now cuts to the throne room. The Queen, her Knights and Wendell are having a discussion about the growing threat posed by Fiends and the Shadow Frost Witch, Fatima. They are especially concerned with a type of enemy known as a Golem - however it appears our Most Marvelous Sir Steiner has developed a secret weapon to use against the Golems. Hmmmm...What could it be?

Then, it appears that a Witch has arrived to deliver a message. All the Queen's Men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again object to meeting her for fear of antagonizing the Shadow Frost Witch (What's this? Cowardice! Useless!). Fortunately, the Queen is still sane, and shoots down the protestations of her cowardly serfs men.

Next up: The unbelievably exciting adventure continues......on the next page!