Vivi is the Sky Witch of Luminous Arc.


Vivi is one of the seven witches created by the world to fight the other-worldly God Zehaal who desired to consume the world. Born as the Sky Witch, she spent most of her life living in the Witch Village, but also headed out sometimes to the border area with her Air Kopins.

Involvement Edit

Personality Edit

Vivi is characterized as lazy by most people around her. She never actually walks, since she has a flying carpet that carries her wherever she wants to go, and hardly ever puts any physical effort into anything. She has an almost childish disposition, and even her voice sounds tired and sleepy. Despite all of this she serves the leader of the witches without question. Vivi is also very fond of naps, and sleeping is one her favorite things, she also likes playing tag for it is her favourite game. She can often be found sleeping in many dire situations, and tends to fall asleep at inopportune times. Vivi also occasionally talks in her sleep.  

Vivi's laziness is addressed in a particular Side Quest. A incarnate voice of the planet's will reprimands Vivi for her laziness and decides to replace her with a look-a-like which that it created. Vivi then fights the witch and although she defeats it alone, it summons Kopins and manages to overpower her. The other Witches then arrive and help Vivi fight off the impostor. Afterward Vivi vows to be try and be less lazy.

In the final Intermission Conversation Vivi can have with Alph, she falls asleep and has a dream about Alph being made of candy. She then contemplates eating Alph, which the real Alph finds disturbing.

Stat and AbilitiesEdit


Vivi is a very mobile unit, tied with Saki to possess the highest movement (5) and jump (4). Being a flying unit makes her a quick movement character with the second highest speed, though she is almost defenseless. Her Technique buffing spell is effective when your physical attackers does not have enough accuracy. Vivi can be used well to lure enemies to her from afar as her Venom and RageWind can be used effectively to cause chaos among enemies.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Wind Slash Deals minor wind damage to a single target 1 6
Learned Technique Up Increase the Technique of a group of characters 1-5 8
Learned Venom Afflicts a small group of characters with poison 1-5 12
Learned Gale Deals wind damage to a small group of units 1-5 16
32 Speed Up Increase the Speed of a group of characters 1-5 20
37 Speed Down Decrease the Speed of a group of characters 1-5 24
42 RageWind Afflicts a small group of characters with confusion 1-5 32
47 Tornado Deals massive wind damage to a large group of units 1-13 40

Flash DrivesEdit

Note: Despite the effects and animations, all of Vivi's Flash Drives are magic based. All of them may also reduce target(s) Technique stat.

Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) FP Cost
Learned Duke Snipe Rapid fire machine-gun lamp 1-5 1
Learned Lamp Bazooka Rapid shots and explosions 1-13 2
44 Rokit Loncha Lamp becomes a missle launcher 1-25 3


Rainbow Array: 7-Witch combo attack when within 3 squares

Quotes Edit

Beginning of Turn

  • 'Heere I gooo' (3/3 HP)


  • 'Boom!

Flash Drives

  • 'You can'r run from meee' (Lamp Bazooka)
  • 'Wind bless me' (Rokit Loncha)


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