Thunder is an element in Luminous Arc only. Claire is the Elemental Witch of thunder/lightning and there have been no more Elemental Witches of thunder. However, both Mage Queen Elicia and Levi whose element is Silver used lightning themed spells.

There are only three thunder spells in Luminous Arc: Sturm, Drang, and Volt Storm, with Volt Storm being the most powerful out of the three. There has been only three thunder magic users in Luminous Arc: Claire, Heath, and Iris.

Thunder Kopins were never created so there have never been any.

List of Thunder Elemental SpellsEdit

  • Sturm
  • Drang
  • Volt Storm
  • Punishment
  • Execution
  • Lost Lightning

List of Thunder Elemental Flash DrivesEdit

  • ElectroBlast
  • JupitarLance
  • Arc Spark
  • Arm Blade
  • Vulcan Attack
  • Eraser Cross
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