Therese is a young witch who first apears as an NPC in Luminous Arc and later as a optional playable character in Luminous Arc 2: Will


Therese is the twin sister of Alice. She grew up in the Witch Forest in Luminous Arc. She is generally worried about Lady Claire along side of her sister. In Lumious Arc 2, she appears after completing a certain quest. She reveals to the team that they came over a rainbow to discover ingredients for the ultimate sweet food, as she plans to open a sweet shop with her sister when they return to their world. After the quest is completed, she and her twin are permanent playable characters but they don't play any roles beyond that quest.


In Luminous Arc, Therese plays a role as an NPC along side of her sister. She doesn't play much in the plot aside from being some comedy in it. In Lumious Arc 2, Alice plays a minor role with her sister as a playable character. Other than the quest in which you get the twin witches, they don't play an important role outside of it and they aren't needed to complete the game

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Luminous Arc 2: WillEdit

Therese is a unique character, with abilities beyond that of the other witches. While she doesn't cast magic, her Attack stat is far above any other character at the same level, outclassing any of them except Gaston. After using her own attack boosting spell, even Roland at the maximum level of 99 can be beaten by a Therese in the level 60 range.

However, her other stats tend to suffer because of this, particularily her Technique. By giving her Lapistier can counter-act this. Still, her Defense and Resist is among the lowest but make up a bit by good HP and nice evasion. She has option of ranged attack as well as attack buff that doesn't reduce her defense. Musou Slash, while less accurate than Crack Follow or Burst Stump, is more reliable than Ayano's Muei. Her FD Love Laser funchtions similar to Alice's Ray of Hope but is physical based instead.


Level Skill Description Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with hatchet 1 0
Learned Power Chop! A heavy knife attack 1(front) 10
Learned Catch! Throw a knife 1(range of 3) 6
Learned Tiger Fang! Piercing shock wave 1-2(front) 10


Shink♪ Hone blade for ATK+40 Self 8
Learned Musou Slash? Super slash strike! 1(front)


Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description Target FP Cost
Learned Love LaserLv1 Eyes full of love! 1-3 1
34 Love LaserLv2 Eyes full of love! 1-3 2
34 Love LaserLv3 Eyes full of love! 1-3 3


Beginning of turn:

  • "Here I come!"

Before action:

  • "How do ya like this?!"
  • "You're gonna be a pie!"
  • "You're gonna be toast with butter."
  • "I don't like you."


  • According to the character designer Kaito Shibano; She and her sister's clothes are based off of Gothic Lolita Fashion.
  • Therese is the first witch to not have any arts related to magic. However, "Shink♪" might be magical in nature.

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