The Witches' Sins is a book that can be read in Luminous Arc, the original game of the Luminous Arc series.

The book can be viewed early on in the game, in the library of Carwee town. In the Carwee library it is the second book from the top on the screen, and thus in the middle. It is one of three readable books in the Carwee library.

The book The Witches' Sins was one of serveral books that was produced by the Luminous Church. Like many books produced by the Luminous Church, The Witches' Sins is incredibly biased, and like many other books of the Luminous Church paints the Whitches as monsters.

The book claims that the Whitches are greedy, souless creatures. It also says that due to this, God turned his back on the Witches, so that when they die they are continuously ressueceted instead of finding peace in death. This however, along with most of the book is a complete distortion of the actual truth behind the Witches' exsistence.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be viewed in-game when a player selects The Witches' Sins while visiting the library in Carwee)

Alph: This talks about the Witches' crimes against God, huh?

The Witches' Sins: The original sin of Witches is that their souls cannot be saved. The destruction of Aldheld was caused by the greediness of Witches. This avarice comes from arrogance, and there are no limits to its desire.

The dragons and Witches fought day and night for control of the world. In an epic clash, the dragon's tremendous defensive powers and the mighty powers of the Witches' Runes collided with terrible force.

The very world began to fall asunder from this catalysmic impact. The Witches began extracting the power of their Rune crystals without limit, and the planet's life force was drained away. The commission of such a crime is due to the Witches' lack of souls. They have no reverence for life, and seek only their own power.

God's Light blesses our souls after the deaths of human beings. It allows us to reast in peace. Whereas God has turned His back on the Witches, who can never escape fate. Therefore, when a Witch dies it is reborn over and over again. It is a wretched exsistence without the grace of God's Light.