The Wings of God is a book in the game Luminous Arc the first game in the Luminous Arc series of games.

The book speaks of the two groups of Knights who serve the Luminous Church, who worship the God Zehaal. The Eurus Knights on the Eastern Continent and the Zephyroth Knights on the Western Continent. Because of the location of the knight groups, on the continents to the east and west of the Holy Capital San Reise the two groups are called the wings of God.

The book 'The Wings of God' can be found in the library in the port town of Adwest. In the Adwest library, it is the top book-title viewable on the screen above the other two titles.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be viewed when a player selects the book The Wings of God to read while visiting the library of Adwest)

Alph: This is about the two Knight divisions of the Church.

The Wings of God: There is a Knight branch on both Continents. The Eurus Knights are to the east, and the Zephyroth Knights are to the west. Both Knight brigades carry out their orders from the Church.

Their headquarters are known as Holy Councils. The Knight brigades are nicknamed the 'Wings of God', in the sense that they are to the east and west of the San Blanc Sea, which contains the Holy Capital of San Reise, where the Grand Cardinal resides. The name calls to mind a mighty angel, protecting the Church.

The duties of the Knights are to subdue rebels, protect the people, and be ever viglant against evil, being quick to condemn it when it appears. It is a great honor to protect those who are blessed by God's Light.