This page is about the book detailing the massacre of the Shadow Clan, for the Shadow Clan themselves see this page: Shadow Clan.

The Shadow Clan is a book in the game Luminous Arc, the first game of the Luminous Arc series.

The book details the Shadow Clan a group of Ninjas who lived in a northern area of the western continent of Canal. The group was known across Canal for their superior physical skills and abilities. They also had a series of special skills and abilities, mainly in intelligence gathering and espionage activites.

The Shadow Clan origanally severed the Luminous Church and as the book states, many of their Intelligence Division members were of the Shadow Clan. According to the ofical report from the Luminous Church, published in this book, nearly all of the members of the Shadow Clan were killed in a bandit attack.

It is later revealed in the storyline however that the Luminous Church had slain the clan to take the Thunder Lapistier and wrote the report to cover up their questionable activity. The Shadow Clan book can only be found in the library of Ridget. In that library it is the top book of three viewable when visiting the library.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be viewed when a player selects The Shadow Clan to read while visiting the library in Ridget)

Alph: This book is about Saki's family...

The Shadow Clan: The residents of the village in the northern part of the Western Continent are named the Shadow Clan, and are known for their rare physical abilities and Shadow skills that have been passed through the generations, through secret training since childhood. These special skills are used in intelligence and tactical espionage activities.

The Clan serves the Church and most members of our Intelligence Division are from the Shadow Clan. However, tragedy came to the clan a decade ago. On that day, all members of the Clan had gathered to celebrate a tribal festival to honor their families and friends. A group of bandits attacked the Clan during this peaceful ritual.

After stealing the secrets of the Shadow Clan techniques, the bandits killed everyone in the village and razed the buildings to the ground. It is said that a single infant was the only survivor of this massacre.

The secrets of the Shadow Clan were later recovered by the Eurus Knights. The secrets have since been sealed in flames to prevent its theft again.