The Origin Of 'Holy Garden' is a book that can be found in the game Luminous Arc, the first game of the Luminous Arc series.

The book describes the founding of the Ever Garden, which was founded shortly after the birth of Johannes.

The Ever Garden being a place where the Luminous Church once sent infants to be raised with the training an knoweldge necesarry to combat the Witches if the reappeared. The Ever Garden includes a large cottage-like building where the Garden Children and their mentor Sir Heath lived up until the begining of the events of Luminous Arc.

The only copy of the The Origin Of 'Holy Garden' that can be read in the game Luminous Arc can be found in the libray of the Ever Garden.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be viewed in-game when a player selects the book The Origin Of 'Holy Garden' in the Ever Garden)

Alph: It's a story about how this place, the Ever Garden, was started.

The Origin Of 'Holy Garden': In the year that Sir Johannes, bearer of the Fingerprint, was born, the Holy Congress foretold that the Witches would soon gain power.

The loathsome exsistence of Witches caused the destrution of Aldheld. To prevent the world from falling into darkness once again, it was decided that resourses would be spent to train humans to fight Witches. And so, the Holy Garden, the Ever Garden, was established.

People with various abilities came here to work together. Specialized soldiers are trained from birth to fight the Witches. These students are raised to be the best Luminous has to offer. Training is necessary in every field, not simply in battle, but in knowledge and research, in order to fight Witchcraft wherever it may be found.

The students of the Ever Garden are known as 'Garden Children'.