The Book Of Rune Resolution is a book that can be read in Luminous Arc, the original game of the Luminous Arc series.

The Book Of Rune Resolution is a book that can be read early on in the game. It is one of three books that can be found in the library of the town of Carwee, of the three it is the lowest down on the screen below the other two.

The book is a short description of Rune and it's main properties in the use of casting spells and magic. The book, like many that can be read early in the game contains several biases and falsehoods as it was written by the Luminous Church. One such falsehood relates to the origin of Rune, which is formed by the planet not the God Zehaal.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be found in-game when a player selects The Book Of Rune Resolution while visiting the library in the town of Carwee)

Alph: Rune... So this book must be about spells and magic.

The Book Of Rune Resolution: Runes are a vital force that fills the planet. They come from God's Light itself. In order to use them, there are several systems to be used.

1. Spells

These Runes are fabricated by the Church. Only the clergy are allowed to use them, by God's permission.

2. Magic

There is no difference between this and spells, however, magic is only used by Witches. There is a chance that magic can wither the planet's vital forces.

3. Incarnation

Sometimes Rune can be found inside certain stones, called Vitae. But only a small amount of Rune is found within the stone. Often there are several kinds of Rune mixed together inside the stone, which lowers its purity and makes it difficult to judge its usefulness.