The Book Of Nil is a book from the first game of the Luminous Arc series, Luminous Arc.

The book was, like many found early in the game, was published by the Luminous Church and is a peice of the Luminous Church's doctrine. It tries to envoke fear into followers of the Luminous Church to prevent them from being inquizitive and ask questions of the world.

The Book Of Nil can only be found at the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch. It is also the top-most book title viewable on the screen when visiting the library of the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be viewed when a player selects The Book Of Nil to read while at the library at the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch)

Alph: The Book Of Nil talks about Taboo.

The Book Of Nil: Should you be acquisitive? Should you seek it above all else? Taboo is not simply about human lives, and is not about what you seek. Taboo is said to be the power of life, which is involved with Fate.

Its enormous power created the world, which consumed the excess energy. The Witches once risked the Taboo, and the world fell into cold and darkness. You must beware those who wish to seek the knowledge of the Taboo in order to prevent the destruction from being repeated.