The Appeal Of Forbidden Fruit is a book from Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series.

The book was written by Nikolai as a form of research report on the Witches he was investigating on the Western Continent at the time. However, Nikolai's name is not mentioned in the report Alph says "Could HE have written this?" and the general style of writing is extremely simalar to Nikolai's diaolouge throughout that game, this as well as the fact the reasercher calls himself "the Church's lead reasercher" makes it obvious that Nikolai wrote the book.

The report in reality tells very little about any particular subject and is mainly a rant about amazing the Witches are, something Nikolai is known for. The book does vaugely ponder how the fact the Witches are forsaken by the Church makes them 'appealing' (atleast to Nikolai) and it also praises the Witches great Rune powers.

The Appeal Of Forbidden book can only be found in the library of Ridget. In the Ridget library it is the bottom book on the list of three viewable books in the library.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text viewable when a player selects The Appeal Of Forbidden Fruit to read while visiting the library of Ridget)

Alph: What the heck is this?

The Appeal Of Forbidden Fruit: The very exsistence of the Witches causes the Church great consternation. But what makes these much-maligned people so intriguing? They use the power of Rune to turn the elements to their wills, and some are even able to control monsters.

Even I, the Church's lead researcher on Witches, cannot find out everything about Rune. However, the Witches are born with the knowledge of Rune! Rune, the true power of the Lapistier... The very power that brought about the disaster of Aldheld, and the power used by monsters... Only a Witch could explain it.

However! The indentities of Witches are very difficult to ascertain! What drives them to hurt humans and defy God? Their lives are cloaked in mystery... If the Lapistier is a crystal that can control the elements, then is it a stretch to compare a Witch to a flawless diamond of Rune power?

As I sit here, with pen in hand, I can let my imagination run wild... And yet, theories can only take me so far... I must go out there and get my hands dirty with some real research! Perhaps, if I am truly lucky, I may even meet a real Witch...

Alph: Hmm... Could HE have written this?