Speed (SPD) is one of three defensive stats of a character and determines the possibility of evading an enemies attack, nullifying the damage of the attack in question. The corresponding offensive stat would be Technique, which raises the possibility to hit a target. It should be noted that Speed is useless against magic, as spells always hit. Most characters with high speed stats suffer from low HP and mediocre to below average Defense and Resistance, while also having the highst movement and jump stats in the game.

The element that is associated with this stat most is Wind and sometimes, Nature, but other notable character with high speed from other elements is also quite abudant like Josie (Dark), Lyra (Water) and Inaluna (Light).


Luminous ArcEdit

The highest Speed stat in the game belongs to Vivi, with Saki being very close behind, to the point that it makes no difference who of them has the higher speed stat.

Luminous Arc 2Edit

The highest Speed stat belongs to Pop the Verdure Witch, followed by Josie and Sadie. Gaston has the lowest Speed stat.

Luminous Arc 3Edit

The highest Speed stat belongs to Dino, followed by Lyra and Inaluna. Haine has the lowest Speed stat.

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