The element of silver means any unit that is neutral, or is a creation of the Mage Queen Elicia. It is considered that there is no Elemental Witch of silver, unless it is Ayano.

Even though there are no Silver elemental Spells, except for Ayanos Silver Seal, there are Silver elemental Kopins called Lost Kopin. They come with very high Resistance and Defense (about 300 on Lv. 30) as well as ungodly amounts of HP and get the 20% Damage reduction of the Silver Element, making it extremely difficult to kill them. Fortunately their other stats are nothing to worry about, as they are extremely low in comparison to your party on the same level.


  • Even though Althea is one of the Mage Queen Elicia's creations, she is not silver, she is the Elemental Witch of fire.

List of Silver Elemental SkillsEdit

  • Iai
  • Muei
  • Gale Slice
  • Chrome Slice
  • Crescent Slash
  • Fracture Slash
  • Pit Shot
  • Loop Shot
  • Power Chop!
  • Catch!
  • Tiger Fang!
  • Musuo Slash?
  • Rega Drain

List of Silver Elemental SpellsEdit

  • Crime
  • NEW LIFE...
  • Noah
  • Execution
  • Meditate
  • Silver Cloud
  • Silver Seal
  • Shadow Shot
  • Arc Flash
  • Solid Legion
  • True Arc Flash
  • Lost Lightning
  • Grevious Cry
  • Golden Seal
  • Sacrifice
  • Infinity
  • Crisis Eye
  • Restore
  • Tunning
  • Supreme Dust!
  • Icicle Wish

List of Silver Elemental Flash DrivesEdit

  • World Gaze
  • Doomsday
  • Ragnarok
  • Gatotsu
  • End Requiem
  • Stella Shine
  • Rise Cluster
  • Silver Blaze
  • Apollo Shot
  • Bonecrusher
  • Lux Pain
  • Talon Dive
  • Grand Break