The Shadow Clan were a band of Ninjas, who served the Luminous Church in the original Luminous Arc.

History Edit

The Shadow Clan praticed a form of ninjitsu-style martial arts and lived in a secluded village in the northern Western Contient. Members would be trained by childhood in the 'Shadow' techniques of the clan which were primarily based around intelligence gathering and tactical espionage activities. The Shadow Clan made up much of the Luminous Church's intelligence division at one time.

The Shadow Clan possessed the Thunder Lapistier previous to its downfall.

Downfall Edit

The Luminous Church eventually decided to betray the Shadow Clan; Kingston indicates this was done in order to obtain the Thunder Lapistier for use in testing. It was not believed that the Clan would willingly surrender the Lapistier so the Luminous Church had all members killed and the Lapistier retrieved.

The sole survivor of this massacre was Saki, who was raised as one of the Garden Children in the service of the Church. The Church created a cover-up surrounding the massacre outlined in the book The Shadow Clan. This cover up stated that bandits had killed the Shadow Clan members and suggests that the Eurus Knights later recovered and burned all Shadow Clan teachings and literature. The Eurus Knights may or may not have been directly related to the massacre itself.

See Also Edit

Saki - The sole survivor of the Shadow Clan.

The Shadow Clan - The Luminous Church's account of the Shadow Clan massacre.

Eurus Knights - The possible true perpetrators of the massacre, mentioned in passing in the above book.