Vital statistics
First Appearance Chapter 2: Knight of Magi
Gender Female
Age 13
113 (chronologically)
Height 142cm.
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Earth
Class Pandora
Weapon Turnip Bomb
Voice Actor
Ryō Hirohashi(広橋 涼)
Voice Actor

Sarah is one of the protagonists of Luminous Arc 3 and is Sion's younger sister. A magical prodigy whose power had awakened at very young age, opposed to her sister whose power has yet to awaken while at near adulthood.



Both Sara and Sion come from different world than the present world.


One year after the defeat of the god, while everyone else is at the Ceremony for Enaluna, Sara, who now has become a principal of Urguard, is searching for a way to bring Levi back to this world.

Stat and AbilitiesEdit


Sara casting Earth Magic spell.

Sara's stats are heavily focused on Magic and MP which means that she may be the only unit for which MP will never run out. Her spells focus on healing, regeneration and her ace spell "Yggdra Form". Once she reaches Level 99 her Magic becomes the highest in the entire game. However her great magic damage capabilities come with very low HP, defense, resistance and AO. This gets balanced out with her attack stat, the highest of all spellcasters in the game, which she can use in conjunction with Magic Bomb to delay an enemies turn while still doing respectable damage. This gives her an artillery like use, high damage but low endurance. She can also be a secondary support with Curer and Regen Mass


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Attack with bomb 1 0
Learned Wood Whip Slashing roots 1 14
Learned Curer Heal group of allies 1-5 26
15 Sloth Bomb Delay enemy turn 1-5 32
25 Regen Mass Give regen to many 1-5 40
35 Yggdra Form Nature's revenge 1-13 96

Flash DrivesEdit

Note: All of Sarah's Flash Drives range are 3 panels in any direction. Also, despite the names and animations, all of her Flash Drives' element are nature.

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Pyro Lantern Breath of flame! 1 1
20 Sleet Lantern Breath of snow! 1 2
30 Robo Lantern Final Formation! 1 3