Rym is an "elemental" class in the first Luminous Arc. Unlike the seven main elements of the first game, Rym is a subclass of it's own with no elemental weakness. Rym in the game is described to be the power of dragons. There are only two characters in the game to have this element, Alph and Theo. A Rym's full power activates when a dragon and his witch partner's hearts become one. When this happens, they embody power that is stronger than even the gods.

Dragons are ancient beasts that are created by the planet in order to protect it. They assisted the witches during the ancient battle of Aldheld and, according to Claire, the barrier around Lethe Forest was created by the last dragon with the last of his life force after the battle.

Vanessa showed that certain spells, such as the Nogila Megila can activate draconic transformations if the target has Rym blood (when she hit Theo with the spell). The Nogila Megila Rune can only be neutralized with the use of the Chronos Gem and the Draconic Geode. The Draconic Geode is a powerful, magical stone that is made inside the planet, and almost rivals the dragons in strength. It can only be found in the dangerous Iiyella Volcano and is strongly coveted by the monsters living there due to a special magic that revitalizes their bodies. By imbuing the magic of the Draconic Geode into the gem and turning it into a charm, such as a necklace, the spell will be reversed, and the victim can voluntarily draw on his draconic abilities.

There are two Rym classes, Rym Hero and Rym Guardian. They are heightened in power over their previous forms. The Rym Hero class is much stronger and has defensive magic to protect his Witch Partner from harm. The Rym's ultimate skill is the Eternal Shield, an immensely powerful magic that protects anything and everything that the user wishes to protect. It is so powerful that it can even remove the sacrificial requirement of the ultimate magic, the Spear of Dawn (also known as Over Flash).

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