"Angel" Priel



Priel is an Angel-like deity and a servant of Zehaal.Her sole intention is Zehaal's revival. She is one of the antagonists of the game. Created by and deriving her power from Zehaal, she is immensely loyal to him (and appears to have a crush on him as well). She looks forward to the end of the world, after Zehaal consumes the planet, when she expects to have a honeymoon with the god. Her nature is a bit eccentric, and speaks like a stereotypical 'Valley-Girl,' often using the word 'like.' ("Like totally, Master God!") Occasionally, she also refers to herself in the third person. ("Priel is like, super mad now!")

She will be eaten by Zehaal at the end.


As an angel, Priel's element is light, so Cecille is best for combat against her.

When Priel is using her Physical attack she is seen with a bow resembling a cupid's bow. When she uses her Magic she lifts up her hands to cast.

Attacks, Magic, and FDEdit

When battling Priel, make sure your chosen characters have high resistances because her FDs can cause Charm.


Level Spell Description Target (s) MP cost
Learned Shine Inflicts minor Light damage upon a single target 1 6
Learned Guard UP Raises Guard of units for 3 units 1-5 10
Learned Heal Restores some HP to all units in a small area 1-5 24
Learned Seduce Afflicts units in a small area with Charm 1-5 36
Learned LightWave Inflicts Light damage upon targets in a small area 1-5 23
Learned Res Down Lowers Resist of targets for 3 turns 1-5 20


Level Skill Description Target (s) MP cost
Learned StunShot Weak attack that can Paralyze for 3 turns 1 12

Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description Target (s) FD cost
Learned Love Shot Shoots arrows of magic (Effect: Charm) 1-5 1
Learned Eros´s Bow Cupid´s arrow charms foes (Effect: Charm) 1-13 2
Learned Pheremonster Arrows of maximum seduction (Effect: Charm) 1-? 3
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