Palu Forest is a location in Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series of games.

Role Edit

Palu Forest is an area unlocked after the second chapter of Luminous Arc, selecting it on the World Map commences the game's third chapter.

Located directly east of the Ever Garden, Palu Forest is a lush forest where a Witch possessing the Water Lapistier was supposedly sighted. Upon being informed of this, Sir Heath leads the Garden Children into the forest in the hopes of confronting and destroying the witch.

On the edge of Palu Forest sits a mansion owned by the woman suspected of being a witch. In reality however the woman was simply planning to hand over the Water Lapistier she had recovered to the church in order to raise her social status. The Garden Children, having been misinformed by the church and told the woman was a witch, confront her at the mansion. Quickly becoming defensive the woman resorts to violence in order to keep the Water Lapistier to turn in herself, and she was killed in combat against the Garden Children.