Origins Of Lapistier is a book in the the game Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series of games.

The book can be found at the libray located in Carwee, a town ecountered early on in the game. It is the top most book of three on the screen when a player enters the Carwee libray.

The book describes the formation and creation of Lapistier, rare crystals infused with magical power from the planet. These crystals can be used in many different ways and contain massive amounts of power.

Unlike many books found early on in the game, Origins Of Lapistier is surprizingly free of any mention or bias of the Luminous Church. Many of the books found early on in the game contain information which is biased by the Luminous Curch, however the book Origins Of Lapistier reads as though it is simply based on unfiltered observations. The content of the book is also completely true, unlike many books produced by the Luminous Church that contain half-truths.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be viewed in-game when a player selects the book Origins Of Lapistier to read when visiting the Carwee library)

Alph: This book talks about the how Lapistier are formed, huh?

Origins Of Lapistier: The crystal's center comes from the stars. It appears to be the an ordinary stone, however... When the planet's energy is collected and matures, the crystal glows and turns into an elemental crystal, a Lapistier.

A Witch releases the power stored inside the Lapistier. This generates an enormous amount of power. Once a Witch has gathered a crystal, there is the danger of destruction.