Nature is an element in the Luminous Arc series. Mavi and Pop are the Elemental Witches of nature; with Mavi

A nature kopin.

being the Elemental Witch of nature in Luminous Arc and Pop being the Elemental Witch of nature in Luminous Arc 2.

Nature spells in the Luminous Arc series differ. For example, Mavi has Gaia Rage; which is a huge, spiky, stem/plant thing coming up from the ground, as her last spell and Pop has Yggdra Form as her last spell; which is a huge, brown sword made of earth and vines going down to the ground.

There is also a type of Kopins called Nature Kopins which come with high defense as well as very high HP, which make them hard to kill, even with magic.

in luminous arc 1 and 2 earth elemental users didn't have a healing spell which was fixed in luminous arc 3 where sara has a few healing spells which is helpful.

List of Elemental Nature SpellsEdit

Land Strike

Land sting

Burst stump

Yggdra Form


Vine Grab


Gaia Rage

Wood Whip

Health Cure


List of Nature Elemental Flash DrivesEdit

  • Seed Shot
  • Magnum Fist
  • BeatDown
  • Tiger Fang
  • Eternal Hollow
  • Land Naplam
  • Wood Hurricane
  • Shield Flash
  • Rune Smash
  • Rune Knight Smash
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