Mavi is a playable character in Luminous Arc, the original game of the Luminous Arc series.

Background Edit

Mavi is one of the seven witches created by the world to defend it from the other-worldly God Zehaal. She has spent most of her life within the confines of the Witch Village.

Personality Edit

Mavi is somewhat aggressive, and has a strong sense of justice. She believes strongly in physical fitness and is physically the strongest of the Witches. Mavi trains constantly and likes people who share her attitude about training the be stronger, because of this philosophy, however, she often disapproves of Vivi, the Sky Witch's lazy attitude. Mavi later hesitantly recognizes that the world needs all kinds of people.

Mavi also holds all humans in contempt early on in the game. As the Nature Witch, she is highly attune with nature and disapproves of how many humans mistreat the nature around them. This is most evident in a Side Quest where her and Alph track down a group of poachers who had been attacking and killing wild animals. Despite her early attitude towards humans however, Mavi eventually discovers that not all humans are as bad as she first thought after traveling with Alph and his group.

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Mavi is fiercely loyal to Claire, the leader of the Witches, and supports all of her actions fully and often without question. It is also revealed in Alph's final intermission conversation with Mavi that she suffers from arachnophobia, meaning she is deathly scared of spiders. When she spots a spider while they are training, she begins yelling and Alph moves the spider away (not wishing to kill it needlessly). She then apologizes for letting him see her like that.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit


Level Skill Description Target MP Cost
Learned Thorns Inflicts minor Earth damage on one target 1 6
Learned Guard UP Raises Guard of units for 3 turns 1-5 10
Learned TechDown Lowers Tech of units for 3 turns 1-5 20
Learned VineGrab Inflicts Earth damage on one target 1 24
32 DreamGas Afflicts targets with Sleep 1-5 28
37 Paralyze Afflicts target with Paralzye 1-5 32
42 Mind Wipe Reduces target´s MP 1 16
47 Gaia Rage Massive Earth damage to a single target 1


Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Magnum Fist

A powerfull fist attack (Effect: Attack down)

1-2 1
Learned Beatdown Punch & kick for a 2-hit combo (Effect: Attack down) 2
45 Tiger Fang 3-hit tiger combo (Effect Attack down) arc 1-4 3


Rainbow Array

7 Witch combo attack within 3 squares.

All Witches taking part must have 3FP.

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