Luminous Arc 3: Eyes is the third game of the Luminous Arc series that was released in December 10 2009. It is exclusive in Japanese.


The royal kingdom 'Saint Bardia' had been ruled in peace for over a thousand years. People thank the Holy Knight Anogia and the Holy Witch Sylvia for this. The Ulgard Magic Academy was founded to instruct gifted students known as 'Knight of Magi', who had awakened magical powers through the use of 'eyes'. Creatures known as the 'Felicia' had started a war with humans over the eyes.

17 year old Levi, who has been orphaned after his parents were killed in one of the Felicia's hunt for the eyes, was adopted to the 'Order of Lest'. He trains in hopes in impressing Instructor Valerie, of the Ulgard Academy in hopes of being accepted as a student. One day, 'Felicia' attack the Order of Lest and Levi's friend Lilly dies against a Felicia. Consumed by rage, Levi awakens his dormant 'Knight of Magi' power and forces the Felicia to retreat. Three months later he is accepted at Ulgard Academy and begins his training to defeat the Felicia...


Levi: The 17 years old main protagonist of Luminous Arc 3: Eyes who had awakened his dormant 'Knight of Magi' power during an attack on the 'Order of Lest' by the Felicia. Strong willed and reckless, he wields the power of the 'Twin Lapistier'.

Elle: A 16 year old at the Ulgard Academy, who is kind and caring. She is adept at healing magic and cooking.

Glen: An 18 year old senior at Ulgard Academy, he had known Levi from his time at the 'Order of Lest'. Strong and compassionate, he was highly respected as a senior in the academy. He wields the 'Violet Lapistier'.