The Lion King is an unseen non-playable character in Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series.

Background Edit

The Lion King (who's actual name is never mentioned, him being only ever being called 'Lion King' or 'Leon's Father') is the father of Leon the swordsmen. His son Leon who become a member of the Garden Children and later the Fatal Hounds. He is killed in battle sometime before the events of the game Luminous Arc and sometime after his death Leon was brought to the Ever Garden to be raised by the Arc Knight Sir Heath.

Involvement Edit

The Lion King was the leader of the Zephyroth Knights although he was killed during a battle against pirates. He was actually killed by Sir Andre, who used the pirate attack as an excuse to kill the Lion King and blame it on the pirates. Sir Andre did so, replacing the Lion King as the leader of the Zephyroth Knights.

Later on in the Luminous Arc game, Leon discovers that Sir Andre killed his father a temporarily leaves the group to chase the man. He is later reunited with them and they help him to defeat Andre and take back his father's sword, the weapon used by the leader of Zephyroth Knights.

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