Light is an element in the Luminous Arc series. Lucia and Dia are the Elemental Witches of light; with Lucia bei

A light kopin.

ng the Elemental Witch of light in Luminous Arc and Dia being the Elemental Witch of light in Luminous Arc 2.

The role of light magic differs between Luminous Arc and it's sequels. While light was an allround element with buffs, good attack and very good healing spells in the first game, it loses it's healing abilities in Luminous Arc 2, being a primary attack element like earth, fire, wind and shadow frost. Instead the spell focus on status healing and enchantment, raising defensive department. In Luminous Arc 3 the light magic spell also got several spells from Silver Magic department such as Barrier and Light Seal as well as possing an ability to raise an ally Action Order.

There is also a type of Kopin, called Light Kopins, that were introduced in Luminous Arc 2. They specialize in highly accurate attacks and thus have very high Technique. They also possessed very high Resistance and decent Speed so hitting them might be problem. Fortunately in Luminous Arc 3, they have the lowest HP of all Kopins.

List of Light Elemental support SpellsEdit

  • Barrier
  • LightSpeed
  • Light Seal
  • Treatment
  • Protection
  • Aid
  • Heal
  • HealBomb
  • Revive
  • Resurrect
  • Salvation
  • Cure
  • Curall
  • Health Cure
  • Restore

List of Light Elemental SpellsEdit

List of Light Elemental Flash DrivesEdit

  • Rev-Ray
  • Over Shine
  • Photon Burst
  • Sun Cross
  • Shinning Ray (Synergy)
  • Bright Whip
  • Princess Knock
  • Queen's Judgement
  • Spear Cross
  • Soul break
  • Spear of Dawn (Ending)
  • Rune Flash
  • Rune Knight Flash
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