Raira (ライラ)
Luminous arc 3 Laila
Vital statistics
First Appearance Chapter 15
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 159cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Water
Class Taoist
Weapon Magic Scroll
Voice Actor
Kimiko Koyama (こやま きみこ)
Voice Actor

 Layla is one of the protagonist of Luminous Arc 3


When Elle’s soul leaves her body and everyone think that she is dead, Kilika says she knows psychic who can communicate with the spirits of the dead. Levi and others go in search of that psychic to a remote island. 

When they got there, they covered by the thick fog. The team heard the bell ring, And then someone counted the number of their souls. On this female voice  Kilika recognized Layla and called her name, but Layla was in no hurry to be hospitable. She remembered that one day Kilika ate all her onigiri (Rice Balls). Kopin, who was with her, said that it is inexcusable, so she decides to fight with everyone.

Aulmorde wants to join the team on this battle.

After a fight, Layla agrees to help. 

In the Academy, Layla try to find Elle’s soul and reconfigures the portal to teleport everyone at the dimension where she felt soul of Elle. There, Levi and his colleagues fought the Felicia King, then Levi awakening in the form of “Ragnarok”. In the end, they find Elle’s soul in this dimension and she returns to her body. 



Lyra gives Levi his "wedding ring".

One year later, the Magus attend Inaluna's Crowning Ceremony. The party receives a letter from Lyra, informing them of her plan to summon the demon lord and gain his power. As none of them wanting to attend this ambiguous ritual, Sarah (who is a new principal after Kilika disappeared for the entire year) orders Bonaparte to attend it in her place.

On the island, Lyra and Kabin discuss about the costume for the ritual. Levi then asks Lyra about the detail of the ritual and was replied by her that it's for her and Levi as they're the heroes who saved the world. Levi is then given a ring by Kabin, a symbol for Lyra's (love) "spiritual power", which she tells him to wear it.


Confessing her wedding scheme

Lyra then changes into a sailor uniform, which in her own belief is a symbol of purity for an eternal maiden. As Levi questions the ridiculosity of the preparation, Bonapartes makes appearance which shocked Lyra. The Felixia Rabiria is astonished at her appearance, allowing Levi to ask for the truth out of Lyra's mouth. The girl shyly reveals that the ritual is a hoax, and that they're actually getting married which greatly shocks him. After telling him that she want him to never take off his ring, Lyra asks Levi to please "love her forever".


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with scroll 1-3 0
Learned Smash Hit! Hit 1 target with full might 1 12
Learned Ruminate TEC/SPD+30 to self or 1 ally 1 18
20 Wishful Bash Hits 4 squares in a straight line 1-4 24
25 Wave Sphere Mid-level water spell. 1-5 40
35 Resurrect Revive 1 ally with full HP 1 80

Despite having a very strong physical attack, she is considered a support-based and Secondary attacker role in the team. She has low defense, average speed and below average Magic, Tech, and Resist. Her speed and tech can be increased with Ruminate though so she can be safe from physical damage because of her high speed. Much like Dhino her advantage is her ability to attack from faraway while not worrying from being backstabbed because of her high speed, she has a passive "Bouyant" abilities so she can walk over water, has a very high AO, you will see her move first in almost every battle so be sure to place her well. The best use of her - make her Resurrect your characters and attack from faraway using wishful bash or her FD. But she has small reserve of mana, so give her MagiSoda or equip "Nirvana" Lapis on her. Also so that she can survive well in battle give her HP regen Lapis, either "Vim" or "Vigor" should do it.

Flash DrivesEdit


Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Cold Splash Abra! 1 1
20 Aqueous Sprite Kadabra! 1 2
30 Heaven Pillar Transcendent punishment! 1 3

Her FD's range is 4 cells, in straight line.


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