Lapistier are crystals that give a witch or wizard their power. Lapistier have appeared in all Luminous Arc games.

Luminous ArcEdit

In Luminous Arc there was only one Lapistier per element. Also, lapistier are found in different parts of the world in the game.

Luminous Arc 2: WillEdit

In Luminous Arc 2, each witch or wizard had a Lapistier and if they had their Lapistier taken away, they would die. Also in Luminous Arc 2, there are six different crests that belong to the Elemental Witch of that element; these crests bond with the Lapistier of the Elemental Witches.

Luminous Arc 3: EyesEdit

In the hot spring scene, to powerup each teammate Levi must touch the person he chose to go in the hot spring with Lapistier. Needless to say, this create some embrassment as some characters' lapistier is in the "suggestive" location e.g. Haine's at upper part of his crouch.