Intelligence Report is a book that can be read in Luminous Arc, the original title of the Luminous Arc series of video games.

Intelligence Report is the first of a series of reports written by Saki the intelligence gathering Ninja who had been one of the Garden Children and at the time was in the service of the Luminous Church.

She had at the time, been assigned to tracking the movements of Witches, mainly the Witch of Immolation, Vanessa. She also was to document reports of Witch siteings and siteings of 'strange characters' aswell.

The book Intelligence Report can only be found at the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch. It is the third book and the lowest on the screen when viewing the contents of the Holy Congress, Eastern Brach's library.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text viewable by a player when selecting the book Intelligence Report while visiting the libary of the Holy Congress, Eastern Brach)

Alph: Is this... A report about the Witches' movements?

Intelligence Report:

Report: The Actions of the Witch

Reporter: Saki

Alph: Saki wrote this...

Intelligence Report: It has been confirmed that the Which of Immolation that attacked the Cardinal in Carwee was in possession of the Wind Lapistier. It is believed that this is the same Witch that attacked the Eurus Knights and took away the Wind Lapistier.

According to eyewitness reports, two large monsters accompanied the Witch when she appeared. We speculate that these monsters are under the Witch of Immolation's control. In summation, we believe that the Witch has the Wind Lapistier, controls monsters, and acts belligerently. Since she is extremely dangerous, I advice taking strong precautions.

We have numerous eyewitnesses claiming to have seen many suspicious characters on Western Glabber other than the Witch of Immolation, but she is the most prominent one. There are instances of other types of magic besides fire spells, so we suspect there is a possibility that there is more then one Witch. I will continue my reconnasisance. End of report.