Image Epoch Inc. (イメージエポック, imējiepokku?) is a Japanese video game developer based out in Tokyo, Japan. The company is considered a 'rookie developer' in the industry having only developed a handful of games so far. All the games developed by it so far have been rather successful however.

The company which currently employs about 120 individuals, was founded in December 2005 by Ryoei Mikage. Image Epoch's first release was the turn-based strategy RPG on Nintendo DS, Luminous Arc. Since then the company has expanded into several teams that are all working on various projects. In May 2008 Image Epoch finished the sequel to their debut game entitled Luminous Arc 2: Will, and in September 2008 Image Epoch finished World Destruction.

In 2009 Image Epoch helped develop Arc Rise Fantasia; this game as well as any possible sequels are considered to share a common universe with the Luminous Arc series and the game and it's components are covered by this wiki.

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