Hugo is a non-playable character and antagonist in Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series. He is a Provost of the Luminous Church.

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Background Edit

Hugo is a Provost in the Luminous Church and high ranking member of the Round Table Council. He loyally serves Kingston and oversees the research of the Round Table Council.

Personality Edit

Hugo is a particularly meager man, often acting meekly around violence and avoiding confrontation. He serves honestly and does as he is told. He hopes that by serving Kingston he can soon retire and escape from the stressful and irksome situations he is faced with in trying to help Kingston defeat the Witches.

Involvement Edit

Hugo is often seen during the game with Kingston or others who serve the interests of the Luminous Church. He had some involvement in the training of Ceceille to be a priestess and seems to have an honest belief in the God Zehaal. Hugo loyalties are not completely clear as he presented himself as a man of the God Zehaal yet served Kingston, even when knowing Kingston intended to use the Round Table Council's machine to control God's power.

He is first seen when the group is cornered at Rings End Fall where he and Andre is trying to get Theo's dragon arm to conduct experiments on the power of the Witch of Immolation. However Andre gets impatient and starts a fight so Hugo joins in. After being defeated they retreat.

Later on in the game Hugo is seen with the Angel Priel, who even he admits is 'insufferable'. When the Round Table Council's device failed to destroy the Magical Shield around the mystical forest, while Priel destroyed it in only a second. Further on in the game after the awakening of Zehaal, Hugo heads to the Southern Continent Round Table Council outpost with Kingston while pursuing Zehaal. While there Kingston uses the Round Table Council's Lapister Fusion Machine to fuse a Lapistier with Hugo's body (without Hugo knowing he would) so that Hugo could fight off Alph's group for them. This caused Hugo to be driven insane and become monster-like, planning to kill everyone. The following battle eventually result's in Hugo's death.


Level Spell Description (s) Target MP Cost
Learned Aid Minor HP recovery for a single unit 1 6
Learned Mindwipe Reduces target´s MP 1 16
Learned Atk Down Lowers Attack of targets for 3 turns 1-5 8
Learned Aqua Inflicts minor Water damage upon a single target 1 8
Learned Cure Removes all status ailments from a single unit 1 10
Learned Venom Afflicts units in a small area with poison 1-5 12
Learned DreamGas Afflicts targets with Sleep 1-5 28
Learned Hail Inflicts Water damage upon units in a small area 1-5 20

Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description Target (s) FP cost
Learned Holy Prayer Heals HP and status aliments of allies in a small area 1-5 1
Learned Blessing Heals all HP and status ailments of allies in a wide area 1-13 2
Learned LuminousGlow Uses the powers of Luminous to punish enemies 1-5 3