Hot Spring (温泉 Onsen ) are the side quest dungeon in Luminous Arc 2 and Luminous Arc 3. Regular enemy are Kopins and bosses are Vanessa and the Seven Elemental Witches (Minus Ayano). Contrary to popular belief, hotspring's appearance doesn't start in second game, but in first one.

Luminous ArcEdit

In Luminous Arc after Lucia's relationship value is maxed, Alph and Lucia will go to a hot spring for relaxation, through a suggestion by Leon. Since there is only one spring, Alph then say that Lucia should uses it for herself which the latter purpose that they should go in together with a condition of no peeking. After bathing, Lucia uses magic to quickly put on her cloth before Alph could look with the latter dismay. She teases him a bit before say that at the least, not on first date.

After this event is completed, a picture will appear in the gallery section.

Luminous Arc 2Edit

In Luminous Arc 2 the player can start chain of hot spring side quests shortly after an escape from Maxmillon Prison. The quest require a travel to Hemill Ruin which the party will overheard a conversation between Cecilia and Yugo about losing the spa profit thanks to mysterious women and her army of Kopins. Rasche then purpose a deal that if they help drive away her, they can uses the spa to their heart content.

All party member except Alice and Therese have an events which require at least three playthrough to complete. At the end of the quest Cecilia will give five rarest Lapistier and open a shop at Hemill Ruin selling ultimate equipments.

Each spa name is a shoutout to characters from previous game.

  • Hot Spring Alpha - Alph
  • Young Lion Spring - Leon
  • Cleansing Hot Spring - Heath
  • Kunai Spring - Saki


  • Fatima in her swimsuit
  • Josie in its swimsuit
  • Luna in her swimsuit
  • Rasche in his swimsuit
  • Dia in her swimsuit
  • Pip in his swimsuit
  • Pop in her swimsuit
  • Sadie in her swimsuit

Luminous Arc 3Edit

Starting from chapter 20 until before the final chapter, the player can initiate the event that allows the access to the hotsprings by entering the cathedral at night. The event begins with Heine informing Levi that Kopin's magical power is running out and they need to head to the Utopic Spa in the other world to save him with the spa's magical spring power. In Luminous Arc 3 the spa functions slightly different from its predecessor. The spa can now increases party member that Levi has bath with all stats by slightly (which is the only way for party member to gain additional stats). Spa start from Luna then Pop, Sadie, Dia, Althea and finally Fatima. The party members who can enter the spa depend on the witches' element and their element.

At least two playthroughs are required to see all the events. Note that both Glen and Arnogia must survive in the playthrough that player wishes to see their events. For Arnogia, the player must wait until after the main battle in chapter 24 to enter the Brilliant Spa.

All spas are named after the witches' title in the previous game.