Heintz Plains is a location in Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series. Heintz Plains is a Battle Location, an area on the world map between plot important locations where non-plot battles can take place.

Heintz plains

World Map Location

Geography Edit

Heintz Plains are located south of the Ever Garden and acts as a passage between it and Carwee, located further south.

Layout Edit

The deployment area for this battle is located in the bottom-most portion, the dimensions for this battle map being 12 by 12 spaces. Five enemies typically start on the map, among them Goblins, Hob Goblins, and Cerberus.

The map consists of mostly plain spaces with slight variations in elevation. The only noteworthy aspect of this map is a crossroads of rivers near it's center, dividing the map into five section. All tributaries of the river occupy a single space and can be jumped over to reach the opposite side (although characters can not stand on spaces occupied by the river, with the exception of Mel, Vivi and Pollon due to their respective abilities.