Heath, more commonly known as Sir Heath, was originally an Arc Knight of the Luminous Church. He is a character of Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series.

Background Edit

Sir Heath was given the title Arc Knight by the Grand Cardinal of the Luminous Church before Grand Cardinal Johannes who died a few years prior to the events of Luminous Arc.

As an Arc Knight, Sir Heath was assigned to raise a group of children at the Ever Garden who were supposed to grow up to become powerful defenders of the Luminous Church. These children included Alph, Theo, Leon, Nikolai, Saki and Cecille.

Personality Edit

Sir Heath is a very kind and polite knight of the Luminous Church. He goes out of his way to be polite to even those who do not return the favor, such as Sir Andre.

He spent several years raising the Garden Children in the Ever Garden and thus is looked up to as a father by them. Despite this, as Cecille once expressed, he isn't all that old.

Sir Heath is well liked among those that share his righteous ambitions and disliked greatly by those who do not. He has a lasting friendship with Kai, from when they were cadets. When Heath is separated from the Garden Children by duty he asks Kai to watch over them, although Kai doesn't catch up to them until they encounter Heath again on opposite sides.

During Luminous Arc, Heath is separated early on in the game from the Garden Children, who are sent to pursue witches while he attends to other matters. Later on, the Garden Children are labeled traitors for helping the witches, and Sir Heath is charged with slaying them.

The Garden children attempt to talk to Sir Heath when they find him in a town; however, Sir Heath pretends to treat them as traitors and fight them. Heath has a one on one battle with Alph to save face, and lets Alph win and escape. After that, Kai catches up with the Garden Children.

Sir Heath later joins the group after discovering the proof he wanted of the corruption in the Luminous Church.

Sir Heath is also idolized by Alph, the main character of the game. He treats Alph kindly as he does everyone, but also can be strict to him in a fatherly way.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Heath has high attack, defense and HP while his other stats are mediocre. Crusader can be useful when fighting enemies in a 5 cross area though it does weaker damage. He attacks 2 squares forward just like a normal spears-man. He has good jump and move. He can use lightning magic but cannot use a 13 panel spell.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Description Target (s) MP cost
 5 Pwr Thrust Inflicts full damage upon two targets 1-2 6
 8 Pile Bunker Inflicts medium physical damage upon single target 1 8
Learned Crusader A weaker physical attack that covers a small area 1-5 12
Learned Protector Raises GUARD of units for 3 turns 1-5 8
45 Holy Pride Raises ATTACK, SPEED, GUARD, and TECH for 3 turns 1 20

Magic Edit

Level Spell Description Target (s) MP cost
Learned Sturm Inflicts minor Thunder damage to a single target 1 6
Learned Atk Down Lowers ATTACK of targets for 3 turns 1-5 8
Learned Drang Inflicts Thunder damage upon a small area 1-5 16

Flash Drives Edit

Level Flash Drive Description Target (s) FP cost
Learned Pierce Rush Pierces straight through foes (Effect: Speed down) 1-2 1
Learned Bolt Impact Rapid thrusts in a foward arc (Effect: Speed down) 1-2 2
41 Knight Honor Dashing charge leaves foes trembling 3

Synergy Edit

Chapter Synergy Description Target (s) FP cost
19 Holy Knights Heath & Kai combo attack when within 3 squares 1-3 (front) 3

Gallery Edit

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