Hit Points (HP) are a stat in the Luminous Arc Series. Like the term itself suggests, the Hit Points show how much abuse a unit can take before beinj incapacitated.

Luminous ArcEdit

In this game, the HP Limit is 999 for everything, even the Final Boss. Alph, Leon, Vanessa, Kai, Heath and Mavi are the only playable units to reach the 999 HP Limit naturally.

Luminous Arc 2: WillEdit

In this Game the HP Limit is set to 9999 instead, although nothing in the game actually reaches it, with the highest HP in the game going to the Final Boss with 7000 HP. Out of all playable units, Gaston gains the highest with 2534 HP and Sadie the lowest with 1144.

Luminous Arc 3: EyesEdit

Like in the previous game, the HP Limit is 9999 again. This time the highest HP is a tie between Anogia and Heine, while the lowest belongs to Yuu.

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