The Garden Children is the name origanally given to the group of children assembled by the Luminous Church at the Ever Garden.

History Edit

The Garden Children were assembled shortly after the birth of Johannes the child bearing the fingerprint of God, who would become Grand Cardinal. Johannes' birth singnaled that the rebirth of God was coming, and the scripture foretold that Witches would return to the world when God returned to fight him. The members of the Luminous Church decided a special elite unit needed to be formed to combat the Witches when they appeared.

After that decision was made the Ever Garden was created, and several young infants were brought there to be trained from infancy. Arc Knight Sir Heath was assigned to be the caretaker of the Garden Children.

Members Edit

The Garden Children are:

Alph, rifleman and main character of Luminous Arc.

Theo, Alph's young brother and archer.

Leon, swordfighter and son of the famous military leader the Lion King.

Cecille, the younger cleric of the Luminous Church who is later discovered to be the Twilight Witch.

Saki, the ninja and sole survivor of the Shadow Clan.

Nikolai, the excitable son of Fareth.

See Also Edit

Fatal Hounds - The successor group to the Garden Children.

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