Fire is an elemental type in the Luminous Arc series. Vanessa and Althea are the Elemental Witches of fire

A fire kopin.

in the Luminous Arc series; with Vanessa being the Elemental Witch of fire in Luminous Arc and Althea being the Elemental Witch of fire in Luminous Arc 2.

Between Luminous Arc and Luminous Arc 2, fire spells are basically the same, with the only differences being that in Luminous Arc, Vanessa was able to use the ATKBlock spell, which nullified the next 3 physical attacks on the target, as well as ATKUp, DEFDown and RESUp, while the only fire elemental buff in Luminous Arc 2 is Intention which raises Magic instead.

There is also a type of Kopins called Fire Kopins, which specialize in very high physical attack. In the Spa Sidequest in Luminous Arc 2, a Kopin Poke by a Fire Kopin is usually enough to defeat even an overleveled Gaston.

List of Fire Elemental ExtrasEdit

  • Intention
  • Attack Block
  • Physical More
  • Drain Touch

List of Elemental Fire SpellsEdit

  • Flame
  • Heatwave
  • Hellfire
  • Ignis
  • Fire Bullet
  • Flame Pillar
  • Ignis Blaze
  • Hot Breath
  • Skyfire
  • Kopin Poke

List of Fire Elemental Flash DrivesEdit

  • Flare Blade
  • Queen Blade
  • Mega Phoenix
  • Phillia Blaze
  • White Flare
  • Dark Flare
  • Fire March
  • Burning Salsa
  • Carnival Flare
  • Burn Drive
  • Phoenix Inferno (CG)
  • Rune Flame
  • Rune Knight Flame


  • Aulmordee is the only fire elemental flying unit that is playable.
  • Fire elementals have never had a healing spell, unless you count Althea's Resurrection a healing spell.
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