The Ever Garden (also known as the Holy Garden) is a location in Luminous Arc the original game in the Luminous Arc series of video games.

The Ever Garden is located on the east half of Canal. It is where the game Luminous Arc, begins and where the first main characters are introduced. It also severs as a home to the Garden Children.

The Ever Garden has a library in which three books can be read in game: Book Of Mena, The Seven Elements Of Power, and The Origin Of 'Holy Garden'. The third book details the Ever Garden's founding.

Founding Edit

The Ever Garden was founded upon the birth of Johannes the baby that would eventually become Grand Cardinal of the Luminous Church due to the 'Fingerprint of God' he had.

In that year, the priests of the Luminous Church predicted that the Witches that caused the destruction of Alheld would rise again. To prevent the Witches the world from the chaos that was Alheld the Luminous Church decided to have people trained to fight the Witches when they rose to cause conflict.

It was this need that lead to the Holy Garden, the Ever Garden.

When the Ever Garden was founded, Sir Heath, a relatively young Arc Knight of the Luminous Church was assigned to overseeing the infants at the Ever Garden. This lead many of the Garden Children to look up to Sir Heath as a father figure.

In the game Luminous Arc the player can read a book in the Ever Garden's library titled: The Origin of 'Holy Garden'. This book details the founding of the Ever Garden.

Purpose Edit

People of various abilities were gathered at the Ever Garden to train if they were needed to combat the Witch threat that might arise against the Luminous Church. The Luminous Church collected a group of infants and trained them from birth to be able to fight against witches when the time arose. These students were raised to be the best the Luminous Church had to offer.

The Luminous Church believed that to create the perfect soldiers to fight the witches they must be trained not only in combat but in knowledge. This was to ensure that they could combat Witchcraft wherever it was to be found.

Garden Children Edit

The group of children brought to the Ever Garden as infants to be trained for the Luminous Church were known as the Garden Children. This title follows the characters from the Ever Garden to other nearby towns and places in the beginning of the game.

The Garden Children include Alph, Theo, Leon, Nikolai, Saki and Cecille.

Before the events in the beginning of the game Luminous Arc, Nikolai and Saki left the Ever Garden to pursue other ventures as requested by the Luminous Church.

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