The Eurus Knights are a group of knights that serve the Luminous Church in the original game of the Luminous Arc series, Luminous Arc.

History Edit

The Eurus Knights were formed to be the main military force of the Luminous Church on the Eastern Continent. They serve the Holy Congress and the Grand Cardinal, mainly performing tasks across the eastern continent.

The Western Continent counterpart of the Eurus Knights is the Zephyroth Knights, who serve the Church on the larger Western Continent. Both groups are spoken of in the book: The Wings of God.

Events Involving Eurus Knights Edit

Decimation of the Eurus Knights Edit

The Eurus Knights are first encountered in the game Luminous Arc while the Garden Children passed through the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch. At that point of the game the Eurus Knight forces had been decimated.

At the time this was attributed to Vanessa the Witch of Immolation having attacked them but it is later discovered that the disaster had been the destructive result of a flawed experiment of the Luminous Church. This event left the Eurus Knights completely destroyed, most of the members of the force having been killed or injured.

Shadow Clan Massacre Edit

The Shadow Clan was at one time a Ninja-like tribe that lived in a village in the northern area of the Western Continent. They were renowned for their physical abilities and espionage skills, and they served the Church. However, ten years before the events of Luminous Arc the Shadow Clan was massacred during a tribal ritual at their village.

The entire tribe was completely killed off except for the then infant Saki. Originally the Luminous Church had attributed the attack to a group of bandits who had wanted to steal the Shadow Clan's secret techniques, as stated in the book The Shadow Clan. However it is later revealed that the Church ordered the extinction of the clan to take their treasured Thunder Lapistier.

The book which contains the Church's version of the massacre (The Shadow Clan) also states that the Eurus Knights discovered the massacre at the Shadow Clan's village. This leads some to speculate that a group of Eurus Knights were the ones orderd by the Church to kill off the clan. This is supported by the fact that the Eurus Knights, who are based on the Eastern Continent had no real reason for being in the northern area of the West Continent where the Shadow Clan's village had been. This is speculation however given that the game never directly mentions the Eurus Knight's involvement in the slaughter, just that they were present at some point during the events.

Notable Members of the Eurus Knights Edit

  • Kai the samurai was a member of the Eurus Knights.

Trivia Edit

  • The names Eurus Knights was almost certainly developed for the game from the name of the Greek God Eurus. The Greek God Eurus being the God of the Eastern Wind. (Just as the Greek God Zephyr is the God of the Western Wind)
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