Eruru/Elulu (エルル)
Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3 (Chapter 1)
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'2 (158 cm)
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Water
Class Siren
Weapon Flute
Voice Actor
Nakamura Eriko
Voice Actor

Elle(エルル Eruru) is the female protagonist of Luminous Arc 3. She is a Siren Magi and considered the "heroine" of Luminous Arc 3 Eyes . She has connection to Angel Miria, as she is the Priestess of Avura Ru side, who can hear Angel Miria's voice, unlike normal people.


She bumps into Refi, where she proceeds to give him a tour of the school. Afterwards, she helps a villager, then gets attacked by monsters. She holds them off, until Refi and Glen com to help her defeat them.

During the middle of the game she gets "killed" by Anogia who turns Miria in to Dark Miria, but is revived, with Refi getting a power up in exchange for his senses.


A year later, Elle continues to hone her magic skill and healing abilities. She comes across a girl who fell from a window and heals her with a magic from her song. The girl's mother thanks her while the girl asks Elle that is she an angel which she replies that she's just a normal doctor.

Returning home, it's revealed that since that day Levi still has not woken up from his coma. Elle tells Levi that she's still working hard for the world and everyone's happiness. She then plays her flute again, thinking to herself that she wants him to hear that no matter how far away he is, she want to be with him again. Miraculously, Levi finally wakes up from his coma. Levi tells Elle that the song had somehow brought him back, and he's now happy to be with her forever more which causes Elle to hug him in joy that her wish is finally granted.


Elle is a rather gentle character who wants to help everyone, even if her health gets in the way (shown when she blocked Glen's attack that was meant to hit Refi).

Stat & AbilitiesEdit

While Elle has the lowest magic stat of all spellcaster units (ties with Sion), she is arguably the strongest magic tank unit as she posseses the highest resistance of all playable units in the game. Her attack, defense and technique stats are average and her speed is decent. Her HP and MP are balanced very well. Don't bother turning her into a damage dealer though since she is only good at the early-game chapters as a damage dealer with Aqua hammer, in the late chapter turn her into support-based role, she can use Revive, Cure and Curer which are the main spells in order for the team to survive. Since you can gain FD by using supportive spells she can still go offensive with her FD.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Song slash with flute 1 0
Learned Cure Heal HP 1 10
5 Aqua Hammer Smash with water 1 14
15 Curer Heal group of allies 1-5 26
25 Revive Revive with some HP 1 60
35 Aqua Squall Rain of pain 1-5 56
Luminous arc 3 - Elulu FD Lv3

Luminous arc 3 - Elulu FD Lv3

Flash DrivesEdit

Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) FP Cost
Storyline Aqua Melody Song from the aqua! 1-5 1
20 Bubble Cantare Enchanting Lyric! 1-5 2
30 Siren Song Heartfelt voice! 1-5 3



Beginning of turn quote: "I'll do my best!"

Beginning of turn(At least 2/3 HP) quote: "Everyone, are you okay?"

Beginning of turn(At least 1/3 HP) quote: "I'm still fine"

Before attack quote: Lapistier of water!

Before attack quote: This will decide!

Before attack quote:

Before support skill quote: Cure with water!

Before support skill quote: It is alright!

Flash Drive quote:

Flash Drive quote: Go!

Flash Drive quote: Let's sing!

Defeated quote:Everyone, I'm sorry..


  • Elle's name come from a hebrew name "Erela/Erelah" which mean angel.
  • Elulu is Dynamite Cup (D-Cup).
  • Elulu is the second PC to have a musical instrument as a weapon, the first to be Sadie.