Dark is an element in the Luminous Arc series. In Luminous Arc 2, it is called Shadow Frost instead of Dar

A dark kopin.

k. Cecille and Fatima are the Elemental Witches of Darkness, with Cecille being the Elemental Witch of darkness in Luminous Arc and Fatima being the Elemental Witch of Shadow Frost in Luminous Arc 2.

In the Luminous Arc series, dark element spells differ greatly. In Luminous Arc, dark elemental magic is made from pure darkness and chaos, destroying it's victims with high damage or kills them instantly(Cuddling), while also being able to heal other characters.

In Luminous Arc 2, dark elemental magic in itself exists in another form called Shadow Frost magic. Because of how magic works, it would be impossible to use darkness, as darkness is the absence of light. As such would also mean the absence of heat, it allows to summon destructive cold with dark energy to destroy the enemy and eventually freeze them.

There is also a type of Kopins, called Dark Kopins, that were introduced in Luminous Arc 2. They come with a very high Magic stat and bombard you with Shadow Frost Magic, either doing heavy damage or even freezing their victim.

In luminous arc darkness can be a healer and magic user by cecille, although in luminous arc 2 and 3 darkness now lost their healing powers and are now magic users only.

List of Dark Elemental SpellsEdit

  • Abyss
  • Nightfall
  • Ice Coffin
  • Gravity Ice
  • Freeze Dust
  • Nocto
  • Dark Ball
  • Night Scream
  • Dark Sphere
  • Cuddling
  • Dark
  • Dark pierce
  • Glorious Cross
  • Midnight Waltz
  • Void Sting
  • Nigth Scream
  • Black Nebula
  • Cold Kiss
  • Dark Scream
  • Thorn Stab
  • Night Drain
  • Blood Hate
  • Chrome Pierce
  • Kopin Void
  • Dark Breath

List of Dark Elemental Flash DrivesEdit

  • Lunar Strike
  • Mael Dance
  • Dual Flure
  • Saffron Fleet
  • Black Frost
  • Horn Swing
  • Rolling Horn
  • Skull Gaze
  • Gaint Stomp
  • Evil Hand
  • Demonic Court
  • De La Cat
  • Frozen Void (CG)
  • Cyclone Jump
  • Rega Strike
  • Rune Knight Grave

Notable Dark Elemental user

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