Claire is a playable character from Luminous Arc, the first game of the Luminous Arc series.

Background Edit

Claire is the leader of the Seven Witches created by the earth to combat the other-worldly God Zehaal. She is often referred to as Lady Claire by Alice, Therese and some of the other witches. Claire has spent most of her life in the Witch Village along with the other witches.

Personality Edit

Claire is the leader of the witches, a fact which often clashes with the ideals of the hot tempered Vanessa. Despite being a leader, she lacks confidence and constantly questions every decision she makes. She is greatly supported by Mavi, Lucia, Vivi, and Mel who offer support to her decisions and often give her the strength to carry on as leader.

Claire is a very kindhearted person, although her indecisiveness occasionally leads to somewhat poor decisions. Because of this, she tends to get sad and blame herself when things go wrong. She also cares deeply for each of her fellow witches as well as most other people and aspects of the world in general. She has a keen affinity for books, and according to her final Intermission Conversation with Alph, she seems to have a fairly nice library at the Witch Village.

Nikolai also has a not-so-secret liking of Lady Claire, something that Claire mentions to Alph in her final Intermission Conversation. Although Nikolai finds all of the Witches 'lovely' in his own terms, he seems to have a particularly keen interest in Lady Claire. This is seen when Nikolai donates several romantic novels to Claire's library as a romantic gesture. Despite his efforts, Claire found the novels corny, but refused to get rid of them stating that "The books would cry." 



Claire is also a good judge of character, as she was able to see the good intentions of Alph and his group upon their arrival at the Witch Village before testing their strength.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Stats Edit

As the leader of the Seven witches Claire has the highest amount of magical powers. She has a variety of debuffing , healing and lightning spell at her disposal making her a verse character. As a magic user she suffers from low defense and low attack so one or two hits can do her in. Much like her personality, she needs support from others for her strengths to show through the most. The best way to fully utilize Claire's magic is to make weapons that give her Magic boosting and items that increase her total MP and her defence or hp, such as the Runebook, DarkShawl, LuxHood, Sleipner, and RuneRing items.

Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Level Spell Description Target (s) MP cost
Learned Sturm Inflicts minor Thunder damage to a single target 1 6
Learned Atk Down Lowers ATTACK of targets for 3 turns 1-5 8
Learned Mag Down Lowers MAGIC of targets for 3 turns 1-5 12
Learned Drang Inflicts Thunder damage upon a small area 1-5 16
Learned Res Down Lowers RESIST of targets for 3 turns 1-5 20
40 Heal Restores some HP to all units in a small area 1-5 24
44 Mag Block Nullifies next 3 magic attacks against target 1 90
48 Volt Storm Inflicts massive Thunder damage upon a wide area 1-13 48

Flash Drives Edit

Level Flash Drive Description Target (s) FP cost
Learned Electroblast Thunderbolts pierce foes 1-5 1
Learned JupiterLance A spear of lightning pierces foes 2
45 Arc Spark Arc thunder incinerates foes 1-5 3

Synergy Edit

Chapter Synergy Description Target (s) FP cost
22 Rainbow Array 7-Witch combo attack when within 3 squares 1-25 3

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