Brother? is a non-playable character in Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series. He is refered to as 'Brother?' due to that being his scripted name in Luminous Arc, and no other name being given.

Background Edit

'Brother?' was a creature created by the Luminous Church researcher Fareth during his experiments to delve into the mysteries of life, and how to create artificial life. Fareth treated the monster he created poorly however, by brother's account beating him often and sometimes with a stick.

It is also revealed that Fareth, who's son Nikolai was one of the Garden Children, took 'Brother?' to see Nikolai on several occasions. He would compare the creature he created to Nikolai and find his creation unworthy. Sometime before the events of the game Luminous Arc, Fareth was executed by the Luminous Church for his unorthodox experiments and research. 'Brother?' afterward remained at the secluded home Fareth had often worked at.

Involvement Edit

'Brother?'s only appearance is in Side Quest 11 of Luminous Arc. When Nikolai visits the secluded home that his father worked at previous to his death. While at the home Nikolai meets 'Brother?'.

'Brother?' is unaware of the death of Fareth and comes to believe during the conversation that Nikolai is keeping him away from him, although Fareth is of course dead. When Nikolai tries to explain his father's death to the monster it results in it's denial and it attacking Nikolai. The attack is only thwarted by Leon who arrives just in time to help Nikolai fight off the creature. After they repel the confused creature 'Brother?' escapes away and they decide against following him.

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