The Book Of Mena is a book originally published by the Luminous Church. The book can only be found in the original game Luminous Arc, in the Ever Garden's library.

Alph describes the Book of Mena as 'The Luminous doctrine about how the world began.' As it was written by the Church, it contradicts the Witches' version of the world's creation.

It is thus not a true version of the beginning of the world as it was written by those who followed the God Zehaal. Zehaal had attempted to consume the world at the time of Aldheld, but was prevented from doing so by the dragons and witches. Even after his defeat, he managed to trick a handful of humans into creating the Luminous Church before going to rest.

Description Edit

The book begins by stating that a thousand years ago, Witches and Dragons battled for rule of the land. In the process the world was, according to the book, left barren, destroyed, and in darkness. It calls this disaster Aldheld.

It goes on to say that the saints of the world prayed across the land for some form of help. It then states that with a thousand people praying, God began the Advent. God then defeated the witches and dragons and 'cleansed' the world. After this, he entered a deep sleep.

The book then says that those 'enlightened' by God glowed with knowledge, and thus were named the Luminous. They then began to build up human civilization.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be read in-game when the player selects the Book Of Mena to read in the Ever Garden)

Alph: This must be the Luminous doctrine about how the world began.

Book Of Mena: A thousand years ago, a battle between Witches and dragons ruined the world. The air was stale, the earth barren. The seas raged and the sun vanished. The world fell into darkness. This was the disaster of Aldheld.

The saints mourned the people's agony and prayed upon the white land. When thousands of voices were lifted in prayer, God began the Advent. He defeated the dragon, sealed the Witches, and cleansed the world. God blessed the world and renamed it Shtraberl.

He then endowed the saints with his wisdom, and entered a deep sleep. The saints were enlightened by the wisdom they received from God. Those who were blessed with the words of God glowed with an inner light. Thus, they became known as the Luminous.

This is how the light of the Luminous religion brought civilization to man. After the saints prayed, God brought Advent to the white land and named it the holy land, Canal. Other lands remain asleep until God wakens once again.