Books are basically books that are found in the Luminous Arc series of video games.

Luminous Arc Edit

In the original Luminous Arc game books can be found in most towns and cities, aswell as outposts, villages and other developed areas. Books are always found in libraries which are found in these places.

Books cover various subjects, from geography, history or details of the various groups in the game. Books often offer large pieces of insight on certain subjects that can not be found elsewhere in the game, allowing the player to know the details. Books are generally used to flesh out aspects of Luminous Arc for those invested in the plot and world building.

For instance the only way for a player of Luminous Arc to know the exact details on how the Ever Garden came to be is to read the book The Origin Of 'Holy Garden', a book dedicated to the subject.

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Books often offer information not released in the main story and can help to flesh out the storyline. A list of books in the game Luminous Arc can be found here: