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Gender Female
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Element Fire
Class Arche of Flame/Titania
Weapon Harp
Voice Actor
Aya Endo
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Aulmorde is the Ark of Flame and a member of Felicia race like Reinhart. In the first part she is one of the antagonist but becomes an ally to Refi in second half.


Aulmorde was assigned to spy on humans by Fairy King Smirsaff, leader of the Felicia. She does this by posing as a nurse called Fran at the Urguard Academy.

After Reinhart's death, Aulmorde escapes from Urguard and goes with Bonaparte to the Shrine of the Holy Angel, Miria, to prevent the Nefiria from reaching her first. She was stopped by the Magus and nearly defeated but Bonaparte's attack on Glen buys Aulmorde enough time to reach the shrine.

It is eventually revealed that Aulmorde is the Holy Witch Shiviar's reincarnation.


You face Aulmorde 2 times in the game. The first is after defeating Reinhart a second time and the second battle is with Bonaparte in the sanctuary of Miria.

First BattleEdit

Second BattleEdit

Stat and AbilitiesEdit


Olmoldee casting "Ignis Blaze"

Aulmorde has high movement like Sion, but with lower AO and much stronger Magic. Her Magic is considered superior, second only to Yuu, with very high resistance though not as much as Elulu. Her spells focus on healing herself and dealing massive fire damage through "Hot Breath" and "Ignis Blaze", making her a very valuable unit in almost every battle. You can put one hawk garment and multiple fire power crystals to boost her power even further and transform her into a weapon of mass destruction. You can also put one hawk garment, a fire power crystal and a Meditate or Nirvana so she can spam her "Ignis Blaze" for a long term battle.

She, however, like other spellcaster units, has low defense stats and low evasion along with low accuracy, so Hot Breath has high chance to miss. She has good HP along with the Drain Touch skill, which allows her to drain HP from adjacent units.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Song attack with harp 1-5 0
Learned Fire Bullet Shoot a fireball 1 14
Learned Physical More Increase ATK and DEF (+30) 1 18
Learned Drain Touch Drain HP 1 24
25 Hot Breath Devastating heat 1-9 54
35 Ignis Blaze A massive explosion 1-13 96

Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FP Cost
Learned Fire March Scorching Flame! 1-5 1
20 Burning Salsa Dance of Fairy Queen! 1-5 2
30 Carnival Flare 1-5 3



  • Aulmorde is the first fire-elemental air unit that is playable.
  • In the full body picture Aulmorde has 4 toes on each of her foot, but in the opening she has 5 toes.
  • Aulmorde is the third playable character to use a musical instrument as a weapon; the first two being Sadie and Elle (Elulu).