Attack (ATK) is on of three offensive stats of a character, alongside Magic and Technique. Attack boosts the power of physical attacks and Attack based Skills, making it a great stat for every character. The corresponding defensive stat would be Defense. While melee Fighters always have very good Attack stats, there are witches with good Attack stat as well, making them useful even when they run out of MP.


Luminous ArcEdit

The highest Attack stat goes to Leon, who is able to easily defeat most enemies in the game with one HoundClaw Skill, once he reaches Lv. 90

Luminous Arc 2Edit

The highest Attack stat belongs to Gaston, though he pays for this kind of power with extreme accuracy problems. The optional Character Therese, who is often cited as the best melee fighter in the game, follows behind but does not lack the necessary TEC to fight on full power. For comparision, she has higher Attack power on Lv. 65 than a max level Roland.

Luminous Arc 3Edit

The highest Attack stat belongs to Lyra followed by Refi if you level them "Uniquely", but in exchange their DEF is much weaker compared to other physical attackers. The lowest one belong to Yu who has the highest Magic.More...

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