Arc Knight is a rare title that certain knights in service of the Luminous Church are given in Luminous Arc, the original title of the Luminous Arc series of video games. It is also a Class of unit in this game.

Arc Knight Title Edit

The title Arc Knight can only be awarded to a Knight by the Grand Cardinal of the Luminous Church. It is a highly respected title which proves that the person holding it is a favored knight in the service of the Luminous Church. Heath is the very first person to ever receive this title and during the game time, he's the only one.

Holders of the title Arc Knight are often subjected to the most important missions of the Luminous Church. This can be seen in how Arc Knight Sir Heath had to spend years raising children in the Ever Garden to eventually fight witches.

The title Arc Knight is very rare and the only holder of the title in the game Luminous Arc is Sir Heath. Heath was given the title Arc Knight by the previous Grand Cardinal before Grand Cardinal Johannes, this Grand Cardinal died shortly before the events of the game Luminous Arc.

Arc Knight Class Edit

The Arc Knight Class is a class unique to Sir Heath of Luminous Arc. The class is a very powerful one, who mainly focuses on direct attacks.

Sir Heath also wields a special Lance witch can hit enemies either a single space in front of him of 2 spaces in front of him. It will also hit two units if they are standing in a row.

The class has several high stats which are evened out by a lower then normal selection of Magic abilities and Skills. Sir Heath also can not use his Magical attacks with much effect due to his low magic stats (due to being a physical attacker), he does however have a small selection of powerful and useful Skills, that preform Physical attacks and thus deal good damage to enemies.

Arc Knight Heath can use ranged Lightning attacks and also acquires the unique skill Crusader later in the game which also acts as a ranged attack. Although Heath's ranged Lighting magic is often ineffective due to his magic stat, Crusader being a Skill deals physical damage and, despite it's somewhat small range, gives him the ability to do decent physical damage at range, to an enemy target.