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Andre is a non-playable character in Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series. He is one of the main antagonists and major bosses of the game.


Sir Andre is the leader of the Zephyroth Knights the symbolic western wing of the forces protecting the Luminous Church. He is a battle hardened fighter and is as grizzled and rough as he looks. Acting as the right-hand man for Kingston, he will often be found with Kingston while following his normal activities as a general.

Sir Andre gained was previously a high ranking member of the Zephyroth Knights, who succeeded as their leader after the death of Leon's father, the Lion King. The Lion King himself was murdered by Andre during a pirate attack on the Zephyroth Knights. During the attack Andre turned on him, killing him then blaming it on the pirates who would soon after quashed. It was in this way that he became the Zephyroth Knight's leader.


Sir Andre is a extremely vain, egotistical and power hungry man. He makes constant references to his muscular body, and likes to flaunt his physical strength and his physique. Sir Andre also demonstrates his desire for power in the way he murdered Leon's father the Lion King, so that he could become the leader of the Zephyroth Knights.

Sir Andre also seems to be rather bloodthirsty, and ruthless, showing no mercy to his enemies. He even seems to enjoy the prospect of killing others on some occasions. He trained an elite force which by his own words were 'the most bloodthirsty men' he could find, these men fighting with him in his final confrontation with Alph's group before being killed.


Andre is first seen Carwee when Sir Heath and the Garden Children arrive to see Cardinal Kingston. He is shown in his initial appearance to be bash and foolhardy. When Vanessa arrives in Carwee Sir Andre took Cardinal Kingston to safety as Heath and the Garden Children fought her.

When the Garden Children (Later known as the Fatal Hounds) are branded traitors, Sir Andre attacks them several times in the hopes of defeating them but is constantly repelled. During one effort he unknowingly lets slip information about killing the Lion King while in the presence of Leon. After this Leon leaves the group to pursue Andre.

Further on when the group were attempting to cross to San Riese they were once again confronted with Andre, who Leon had just caught up to. The group aids Leon in defeating Andre, who dies stating that the God Zehaal will rise regardless of his death. After Andre dies Leon obtains his father's sword and he and the group continue to San Reise.

Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned CrushingBlow Charge and strike (Effect: Guard down) 1 1
Learned Heavy Charge Body slam from an armored foe (Effect: Guard down) 1-3 (self) 2
Learned Iron Muscle Pummel target with manly biceps (Effect: Guard down) 1 3

Voice ActingEdit

The voice acting of Sir Andre is done by Richard Epcar in Luminous Arc.


"Fear my muscles!"

"You shall not get past these manly biceps!"

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