ATLUS is a Japenese based computer and video game development and production company. They are known for developing great quality video games. ATLUS mainly releases video games in partnership with Nintendo. They also produce games with other companies such as Sega, Sony, and Microsoft although in smaller amounts.

Founded in 1986, ATLUS is based Tokyo, Japan. They also have a internal annual revenue of over 21.34 billion dollars (based on 2007 statistics). In October 30, 2007, Atlus was acquired by the Index Holdings enterprise.


ATLUS USA was established in 1991 as a North America branch of the ATLUS. Atlus U.S.A. publishes games created by Atlus Co., Ltd. as well as by other developers. Atlus U.S.A. is strictly a publisher, ofttimes localizing obscure or niche titles from other Japanese developers. Atlus U.S.A operates from Irvine, California.

Atlus U.S.A mainly localizes and develops such games for the United States and Canada. ATLUS USA is responsible for the North American localization of Luminous Arc and Luminous Arc 2: Will. It appears that ATLUS has declined to license Luminous Arc 3: Eyes, however.